Jared Parker Stylist

About J Michael LLC...

This company was founded on the basis that the photographic industry benefits from the talent, creativity and ability that this company brings to any photo shoot. J Michael LLC produces imagery that goes beyond clients expectations and takes the level of styling to an entire new playing field. 

The company is founded on the encompassing knowledge from the photographic field, Interior Design, Costume Design,  Set Design and Dressing, and Visual Merchandising.  The pictures produced by J Michael LLC stand apart and sells to the clients core customer, while adhering to the preset boundaries.

Many stylists are specialized in certain 'fields" of styling,  J Michael LLC is no different.  With emphasis on Product Styling, Prop Styling, and Clothing Styling, the innovations that this company has developed make for faster turn around time for clients timely needs, So whether you you need paper to fly through the air, or 3 Dimensional clothing walking into space, this company can do all that, and MORE!

The profession of photographic styling is one that takes a creative eye, with attention to detail,  the resources to produce high quality work, and the caliber to deliver the elements that are (and are not) asked for by the client.  Please contact J Michael LLC for your STYLISTIC photographic needs.

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