Jared Parker Stylist
Jared M. Parker

About Jared...

Jared's styling career began in visual displays for private and corporate company windows. With an eye for creating visually appealing graphic compositions he has developed a clean streamline sense of modern style. Jared completed both his Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and an Associate of Science in Photography from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Jared goes beyond the norm as products can visually defy gravity, his clothing can walk and move, and he can create environments that look personable and clean, believable and beautiful.

Jared is originally from North Carolina, educated in New Hampshire, and became a creative artist in New York City. He now lives in South Florida and works between the tropical landscape and the Big Apple. In addition to being a visual artist Jared is a proud musician and Piccoloist with the South Florida Wind Ensemble.

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